How to make Shio YAKISOBA Fried Noodle 塩焼きそばの作り方

How have you been everyone? It took me so long to edit this one for some reason this time. I hope you enjoy and get something from this video :)

Ingredients ( Serving 1 )

: Cabbage (2 leaves)

: Carrot

: Onion (about 1/8)

: 100g thin sliced pork (Bacon instead)

: Yakisoba noodle

Ingredients for seasoning(Serving 1 )

: 45ml chicken broth

: 2 tsp oyster sauce

: 2 tsp lemon juice

Ingredients for spicy negi strips

: Ra-yu (Chili oil)

: Toubanjan

: Thin strip negi

*You can use sesame oil and chili sauce instead.

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