How to make Japanese Carbonara カルボナーラ

First of all, no Italian hater are allowed lol

Carbonara is one of my favorite pasta. I’m not sure if real carbonara in Italy tastes the same as in Japan. I think it’s different. So let’s just say this is a little Japanized carbonara.

Ingredients for serving 2 (2人分)

: 100g bacon (100gベーコン)

: 2 egg or egg yolk (卵2個か卵黄のみ2個)

: 150ml heavy cream (150cc 動物性の生クリーム)

: 30g grated cheese (30g 粉チーズ)

: 200g pasta (200gパスタ)

: Parsley (適量のパセリ)

: Black pepper (お好みで)

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